SWAP is a collaboration with myself and Kasia Wozniak - an artist known for her use of wet plate collodion photography

Swap 1 - A hollow gold curb chain, wet plate collodion photgraph and mirror

The process requires me to draw silver into gold tube before the chain is constructed. After construction I file each link to expose the silver inside. Myself and Kasia then dipped the chain into nitric acid. The acid dissolves the silver leaving the hollow gold chain and silver nitrate crystals which are then used by Kasia in a wet plate collodion photograph of the same chain.

Lucie Gledhill SWAP.jpg

The collaboration relies on nitric acid, the means by which we are able to ‘swap’ silver from chain to photograph. By dissolving silver in nitric acid we are celebrating it as an elemental material in both practices. The possibilities of its use for photography and jewellery are challenged through its change of state from solid metal to liquid silver nitrate with use of nitric acid.

Swap 2 - A fine silver graduated curb chain with gold solder and wet plate collodion photogram